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,About Us

What started as a search for a Roll Cage for my Ranger 900XP,

and after countless hours of research and brain storming, I came

to the conclusion that the market did not offer products that

suited my needs in a Roll Cage Extension--in neither styling, storage

or adaptability.  I was unable to find a product that provided the

styling I was wanting for my Ranger. It became apparent that

I would need to design my own Roll Cage Extension, one with

secure installation, and that enhanced and complimented the

body style.  

I soon teamed-up with a skilled fabricator, and through our

collaboration designed and built my own custom Roll Cage Extension,

one that was everything that I was looking for in a Cage. Adventuring

out in my new and improved Ranger, I began to get many compliments

and questions about where I got my Roll Cage Extension and accessories.

It became apparent that there was many others like me who wanted

quality, rugged styling for their own Rangers--and Cryptocage was born.

​The name Cryptocage is a play on Crypto Zoology and Bigfoot or Sasquatch

​in particular.  The correlation is that our product portrays strength,

versatility and an​ adventurous spirit to get out in the wild a discover

new places and things. 

Over the last several years we have evolved our Roll Cage and accessories

into not only the best looking and fitting options for the Ranger Full-size 570,

900XP and new 1000XP, but the most practical and convenient for:

  • Recreational use 
  • Hunting and fishing 
  • Search and Rescue 
  • Farming  
  • Department of Transportation
  • Construction and utility use 

After many improvements to our design as a result of actually using our

product and listening to needs of our customers, our Basic Roll Cage Extension 

and associated Accessories have evolved into a modular system that is

designed to make the addition of accessory options now or in the future

easy and affordable.  We are committed to continuous improvement, 

creativity and innovation by creating new products that offer solutions

and a vast range of options for customers with different needs.