​   Here at Cryptocage we take great care to provide quality products that are practical and safe, but there are inherent risks in operating UTV or Side X Side ATV/Vehicles which is very dangerous or deadly when not operated in a safe manner.  Our Roll Cage Extensions and associated accessories are an aftermarket modification to the manufacturers original engineering designs and specifications intended to provide additional utility, convenience and enhancement of your outdoor experience. The installation of aftermarket products may however void your manufacturers warranty and could alter its performance and/or roll-over stability compared to the original design.  The addition of aftermarket parts and/or accessories including our Roll Cage Extension, Bench Seats /Jump Seats installed in the bed or cargo area of a UTV or Side X Side vehicle as a modification from the manufacturers original design to carry a passenger or passengers regardless of size, weight or age can be very dangerous or deadly depending on the drivers skill level, speed and general conditions. Our products provide only moderate protection when one or more passengers are traveling in a bed or cargo box area even if they are using proper seat belts/restraints and DOT approved helmets and the UTV or Side X Side is being driven at slow speeds, on a relatively level surface and under safe conditions.  The addition of our Roll Cage Extension and associated accessories to your UTV or Side X Side will make the vehicle more top heavy than the original factory design or O.E.M. equipment. The addition of any type of gear stored on the roof and/or on a Safari style cargo rack will make the vehicle more top heavy and will create more instability compared to the manufacturers original performance designs and/or specifications. Never drive​​ your UTV or Side X Side on unsafe terrain such as, but not limited to, side hills where the vehicle is off-camber, rough roads or trails, rocky surfaces, wet surfaces and steep hills whether climbing or descending with ​passengers in the rear bed or cargo box area.   When an unsafe obstacle or hazard (including but not limited to those mentioned above) ​or any other obstacles or hazards are encountered, stop the vehicle and unload any passengers from the bed or cargo box area, then proceed carefully past or through the obstacle or hazard before returning passengers​ to the vehicle. We do not imply and cannot guarantee that our Roll Cage Extensions or associated accessories will provide adequate protection to your vehicle or it's occupant/passenger(s) while traveling/riding/driving in the designated factory passenger compartments and/or bed or Cargo box area, due to the unpredictability of driving conditions and driver skills. Hazards such as, sudden stops, accelerations, collisions whether in forward motion or reverse, tip overs on the side, tipping backward or forward and complete roll-overs may result in damage to the vehicle and/or injury to the passengers.  Our products are not intended to be used on state roads or highways that require a vehicle to have a license plate and street legal equipment (including but not limited to: driving lights, high-beams, taillights, front and rear blinkers, a horn,  DOT approved tires and/or any other requirements that may vary from city to city, county to county or state to state).  Note: In some US states it is illegal to carry passengers in the bed or cargo box area in a UTV or Side X Side vehicle even when the vehicle has a "Street Legal Kit' and the proper safety equipment is used when traveling on or off road. Please check with the city, county or state in which you plan to use your UTV or Side X Side for local laws.   

  * * Always wear helmets, seatbelts and use safe driving habits. When in doubt pull them out * *

​Please visit the below link to the Tread Lightly foundation home page for Quick Tips for Responsible ATV riding:

​                              http://www.treadlightly.org/quick-tips-for-responsible-atv-riding/?gclid=CjwKEAjwudW9BRDcrd30kovf8GkSJAB3hTxFQ4wCA80atbRQYbVftYwoAbMSXAZvxrsvE5bUrpEwpBoCgFPw_wcB

For ordering information, package discounts, multiple unit discounts, freight estimates and lead-times please contact us at:  801-865-7647 or sales@cryptocage.com.  All of our Roll Cage products are build to order, we focus on low volume and high quality. Due to large/heavy crating, freight cost variables depending on region, and the custom & complex nature of our Roll Cage products orders can only be processed by phone.


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