​​​ For ordering information, package discounts, multiple unit discounts, freight estimates and lead-times please contact us at:  801-865-7647 or sales@cryptocage.com.  All of our Roll Cage products are build to order, we focus on low volume and high quality. Due to large/heavy crating, freight cost variables depending on region, and the custom & complex nature of our Roll Cage products orders can only be processed by phone. 

The "Cryptocage Advantage" is what sets our Roll Cage Extensions and Accessories apart from the rest of the industry.  We are a small company, which means we can adapt and change quickly to design new and innovative products for our customer base.  Intensive hours and thought have been spent designing our current product lineup, and with new products and ideas constantly in the works, we will continue to focus on fulfilling the growing need for quality products in the UTV and Side x Side industry.

​Here are a few Cryptocage innovations and designs that provide a superior product:

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​​​The Polaris Ranger Side x Side is a versatile workhorse and recreational machine so aftermarket accessories should be also.  Sometimes you may need to transition from a recreational  machine back to a workhorse.  After the initial install our Basic Roll Cage Extension it is very quick and easy to uninstall.  Using a cordless drill with a socket adapter and box end wrench you can simply remove the two (2) cab bolts and four (4) cage anchor bolts on the underside of the bed within minutes.  Next have someone help you lift or utilize a hoist system to lift the cage directly upward until the stake pocket bars clear the bed.  If the Bench Seat and Seat bracket were installed they can simply be lifted out once the Roll Cage Extension is removed.  The weight of the Roll Cage Extension can vary greatly depending on the Accessories installed. Please always make sure you have the proper help and/or equipment when lifting the Roll Cage Extension off of the Ranger.  The Seat and Seat Bracket can also be removed without removing the Roll Cage Extension buy undoing four (4) easily accessible bolts as shown in the above pictures.  Once the bolts are removed the seat and bracket can be lifted out.   No brackets remain in the bed that create an obstruction.  When the Bench Seat and Seat Bracket are installed the Seat Bracket is suspended approx. 1/4" above the bed in the front and approx. 1/2" above the bed in the rear.  This makes it possible to hose dirt and debris out from under the seat.


Our Basic Roll Cage Extension bolts through four (4) of the factory stake pockets.  Steel posts drop all the way through the stake pockets to nearly the bottom of the bed.  On the underside there is a steel plate and four (4) 1/2" Grade 8 bolts that thread upward into the steel posts of the roll cage.  This sandwiches the bed between the Roll cage and the large steel plates on the underside of the bed.  For additional strength two (2) 3-hole plates bolt to the existing brackets on the backside/top of the Ranger's factory Roll Cage.  Once our brackets are installed they will bolt-up to two (2) welded brackets on each side of our Roll Cage Extension.  This combination makes the Roll Cage Extension very solid yet convenient and will still allow access the Ranger's tilt bed function for Service or Cleaning. To enable the bed's tilt function you simply remove the 2 bolts (1 on each side)  and replace when the maintenance is complete.  ​With the use of a cordless drill with socket adapter and a box end wrench the two (2) bolts can be removed in a matter of minutes.

*Safety Note*

When the Roll Cage Extension is installed and when tilting the bed do not let the Ranger's gas prop hold the weight.   The Roll Cage Extension & Bed will rotate backward with great force due to the extra weight and leverage created, especially when Accessories like the Safari Rack, Spare Tire on the Roof, Spare Tire on the Rear Swing-Out tailgate, Gas Cans & other Accessories are mounted to the Accessory Rack . It is very critical to have at least two (2) people or more holding the cage on both sides of the rear while slowly letting the Bed tilt backward.  A even safer approach is to wrap a tie down strap around one side of the front upright tube and factory roll cage then release the bed latch allowing the tie down strap to hold the weight.  Next while at least one (1) person is holding/supporting the back of the cage slowly ease the tie down strap loose allowing the bed to tilt backward in small increments.  Please allways inform your Dealer or Service Technicion of the proper procedures to tilt the bed.  Serious injury, death or damage to the Ranger's Gas Prop or Bed can occur if these safety precautions are not taken.




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The Cryptocage  Roll Cage Extension was designed with a great desire to produce a product that embodied versatility and adaptability to offer a broad range of options to fit all budgets.  The competitively priced Basic Roll Cage Extension incorporates metal tabs around the top bars of the cage to allow addition of our Aluminum Powder Coat Roof and/or Safari Rack and includes provisions to mount the Accessory Rack now or in the future as your budget allows.  The Accessory Rack and Full Swing-Out Tailgate include slotted horizontal rungs that make it easy to add our accessories, other brand name accessories or your tools, boxes, fire extinguishers etc. with little modification.  Rotopax gas cans, Quick-fist style mounts, Kolpin gun mounts and even small Coolers bolt-up easily. You can now personalize your Ranger to fit your needs. 

Great attention to detail was our #1 focus when designing our Roll Cage Extension.  Taking styling cues from the Ranger 900XP design we were very careful to match-up all of the contours and angles to ensure a visually pleasing addition to the Ranger's appearance.  We are confident that you will agree the Cryptocage design not only the looks great but actually enhances the Ranger and Defender's appearance, provides a sportier look and could be mistaken for a factory option.  Visit the Photo Gallery  tab to see more of our projects.